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Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland | OZZO Photography


Southern Alps, New Zealand
Timothy Poulton

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To think, this time last year I was preparing to leave for Alaska to spend the fall semester interning for ConocoPhillips. How I long to go back! I miss it so much and I would love to just be dropped off in the middle of those mountains once more. I am feeling entirely relaxed and recharged after my summer in the Tobacco Root Mountains, MT. I never wanted to leave.

Now I am back in Flagstaff, getting my life in order. Ready to make this the best year yet in Flagstaff. Organizing and making lists of this things that need to get me ready to knock this thesis out of the park and get rolling on writing it up.

Oh and finding a second/third job. Someone just take me back to Alaska instead?


Aiguilles de Chamonix, France | Geir Braathen
Romantic relationships come in many forms; some are magical brief encounters while others are deep emotional bonds that last a lifetime. Yet often relationships are judged and valued based solely on how long the relationship lasts and not the quality, lessons and growth we take away
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I like this and can relate deeply to it

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(via washing-and-wondering)